Team Hope

This is the chance for the invited  powerlifters to make Relentless more impacting and real than they ever imagined by participating in Team Hope.

As a member of Team Hope the lifters will be introduced to a HopeKids child and their family who they will be raising money and lifting in honor of. We encourage the lifters to stay in contact with their HopeKids family as they focus on training and fundraising. The lifters strength will inspire the HopeKid, and we anticipate the HopeKids’ strength will inspire the lifter to press on in training and fundraising.


“I’ve heard it a dozen times from a dozen people – words cannot do Relentless justice. You just can’t grasp the enormity of it until you experience it for yourself. Relentless is every lifter’s chance to make a difference in the world, fighting one of the greatest injustices in the world – childhood illness. My life was forever changed the moment I met the little angel I got to lift in honor of. I value that experience as one of my greatest memories. I am forever grateful to Relentless for bringing such an amazing person (and family) into my life.”
– Barzeen Viziri, Relentless and Team Hope participant

“What being part of Team Hope has meant and continues to mean to me: Being a part of Team Hope has made me realize how important it is to be ‘present’ and live in the moment. It has made me realize the interactions we have with others, regardless how small or brief, are meaningful and lasting. Team Hope has provided me great perspective on living, loving and lifting. The analogy I like to use is that I want to live my life in all areas as if I were a positive math calculation. I want to add and multiply by putting more positivity and love in this world. I don’t want to subtract or divide, leaving others feeling less or by using up more than I give.”
– Pamela Bosko, Relentless and Team Hope participant
“To me, Relentless was a rite of passage. I remember setting my things down in the room – early before anyone else got there – sitting down on one of the tiny chairs and being instantly transformed into a kid again – scared about the unknown. Then I realized why I was there – and how the fear I was facing was nothing compared to the battles these kids faced every day. Facing the unknown. Perspective is a powerful thing – but the will of the human spirit is stronger. I felt alone at first – but just as fast, I felt a part of something that could make a difference. Relentless is a family – an idea, an experience and a journey that I will never miss, and has changed me forever.”
– Joe Sardone, Relentless and Team Hope participant
“Sean calls his lifter (Matt Fredericks) “My Buddy”.  My Buddy makes me smile.  He lifts me up when I struggle.  The lifters seem to do the impossible just as our kiddos are living through impossible odds.  A life-time bond was formed in a mere day.  We “visit” with Matt regularly.  He’s so thoughtful about checking on Sean especially during difficult times.”
– The Kulzer Family
“Relentless…wow! It was the most amazing and uplifting experience. When you are a family that is dealing with life threatening illnesses, you need times that don’t focus on the illnesses, rather the strengths of the children fighting. That is what Relentless will do. We became a family with these lifters when we became a part of Team Hope. This event will bring you to tears and you will feel Jesus leading those lifters and empowering them. We love Relentless and can’t wait to be a part of it again!”
– The Nace Family